The Make-Up Armoury

  • TMA we start in Month of September.
  • TMA had an issue with the ongoing campaign before joining us. Their sales were dropping from Google ads.
  • We start in month of September and we were able to improve the results as compared to the past campaigns.
  • We suggested client to move ahead with adding Facebook Ads campaign in the month of November.
  • A remarketing campaign was setup in Nov and we were able to provide good ROA’s from
  • Facebook ads. With boosting it up to 8.69% by the month of February
  • We were also able to provide very good results from Google shopping Ads.

TMA Store View

The-Make-Up-Armoury-TMA-Store-View Thirty Three SEO

TMA Google Shopping

Thirty Three SEO The Make-Up Armoury TMA Google Shopping